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Objective To be an integral part of a creative team working on computer games, create 3D-graphics, animation and story for game titles that set industry standards.

Job Related Experience

Present: (July 2000->)
Working on Adellion making 3D models, and textures.

Previous: (-> August 2000)
Center for Computational Research, University at Buffalo.

Working independantly on the creation of a virtual tour of the center (CCR). Creating a 3D copy of the office using Maya with focus on realism. Exporting the scene and programming a VRML walkthrough using inventor.

Previous: (-> December 1999)
Member of the board in a small Norwegian Computer company. Rosenlund Data, specialized in databse programming.


Back in Denmark again at DTU, working on VR programming, at the VR Center.

August 2000
Completed a course in MAYA for GAMES in Toronto. (Great fun!)

University at Buffalo
New York
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Research assistant in material lab. Currently working on new magnetic and shape memory materials.


Denmarks Technical Univeristy
Kobenhagen - Denmark

Project for the Institute of Mathematical moddeling, creating an introduction computer animation for one of the courses.

Won the design award in the annual robot competition 99.

Had several courses in computer animation in 97-99, using SoftImage. Focused on graphical communication, tecnical drawing and design within the engineering field.

Tools SoftImage, Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, Inventor and Dreamweaver.

Contact Info E-mail

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